How we started

Once upon a time..

Fishing Algoma started out as an Instagram account created in July of 2013.  The account quickly became very popular and gained many followers.  Soon afterwards, a Facebook and Twitter account was created for Fishing Algoma.  Their purpose was to do more than just post photos.  They provided followers with information about fishing in the Algoma District.  Due to their success as well, this website was created so that even more information could be accessible!

What we do

Fishing, Fishing, Fishing!

Our main goal here at Fishing Algoma is to promote the sport of fishing within the district.  We provide any type of information that deals with fishing in the area such as fishing derbies and tournaments, hotspots, local shop sales, regulations and limits, tips and advice, local fishing lodges and much more!  We also periodically have Fishing Algoma apparel available for sale.  If you have information that you would like us to share, do not hesitate to contact us.

Where we are

Algoma District, Ontario

If you have never been to the Algoma District in Northern Ontario, you are missing out on 48,000 square kilometers of great hunting and fishing, breathtaking scenery and hundreds of local attractions.  Algoma borders two of the five Great Lakes, Lake Superior and Lake Huron, as well as countless inland lakes and rivers.  Sault Ste. Marie and Elliot Lake are the two cities in Algoma and also includes the towns of Spanish, Blind River, Thessalon, Bruce Mines, Wawa and White River.